(Re)introducing Bloggart

OSJam - Nov 2010

First, who am I?

  • Computer Science Background
  • Mix of Web, C++, Scripting and KISS
  • First PHP, then Symbian/Qt, now Front End (Betfair)

What's "Bloggart"?

  • Blog Engine on App Engine
  • Project started by Nick Johnson (Google)
  • Written in Python
  • Very nice Logo :-D

Speed is Awesome!

  • Pre-generated Static Content
  • Indexed by URL
  • Heavily Memcached
  • True Story

Delegatation is LEGEN-DARY!

  • Can't do better? Don't do it!
  • Search: Sitemap + Google Site Search
  • Comments: Disqus

Not convinced?

  • Support for a lot of stuff
  • PubSubHubBub, FeedBurner, Widgets, Analytics, ...
  • Migration tools (I migrated 7 years of Wordpress)
  • Runs FREE on the top of the App Engine Cloud
  • It's very easy to extend (no plugins yet though)

I'm cooking

  • On-the-Fly Minification for JS and CSS
  • Support for Pages
  • More Themes
  • Ideas?


Thanks! Any Questions?

P.S. Betfair is HIRING.
Front End and Java Engineers are welcome!